The programme schedules

The offshore radio schedules changed constantly. These are just a few examples:

Hans Knot has provided this cutting from Reveille magazine from June 1964 giving Radio Atlanta's weekly programme schedule.

Radio Atlanta programme schedule


Brian Cullen has kindly provided this early programme schedule from Radio Caroline North.

Radio Caroline programme schedule


Hans Knot has also sent us this King Radio schedule from 1965.

King Radio programme schedule


There is a Caroline North programme schedule from May 1965 here and Hans Knot's book 25 Years Radio Caroline Memories includes this Caroline South schedule from August of the same year:

Caroline South programme schedule


and Hans has also kindly provided this press advert from late 1965 listing Radio 390's programmes:

Radio 390 programme schedule


Gerry Zierler has contributed this later Radio 390 schedule:

Radio 390 programme schedule


Chris Elliot's book The Wonderful Radio London Story includes this Big L schedule from February 1966:

Radio London programme schedule


More programme schedules over the page.
See here and here for some programme schedules as printed in newspapers.
Has anyone got any more cuttings or press releases? If so, please get in touch.

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