Disc-Jockey Spotlight

Many of you have been kind enough to sign the Guestbook. As well as your comments and suggestions, you have been nominating your favourite offshore broadcasters. It might not be a very scientific poll but, as of mid-May 2024, these are the most popular DJs:


Johnnie Walker


Kenny Everett


Don Allen


Tony Blackburn

Roger Day


Tony Windsor


Dave Cash


Emperor Rosko

Bob Stewart


Mike Ahern

In time we hope to produce individual pages devoted to all your favourites but we have started with these:

In order to create more Spotlight pages, we need your assistance. If you have any offshore radio recordings, especially from the sixties, or photographs of any DJs, please contact The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. Thank you.
We do not currently have enough audio to make a proper Spotlight page for Stuart Henry. Hopefully, with your help, we may be able to create one in the future. For the moment though, here is:

There is a page devoted to “The Admiral” Robbie Dale's memories of joining Radio Caroline South in April 1966 here:

Sadly, since The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame launched in 2000, some great broadcasters have died. Our tributes to these legendary names are here:

There are also tributes to these people who worked behind the scenes:

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