Guy Hamilton's Radio 270 photo album

While sorting through his photos, Guy came across two contact sheets of pictures of Radio 270. They date from before he joined the station and he can't remember how they came into his possession. It is possible that Managing Director Wilf Proudfoot gave them to him. As they pre-date Guy's time with Radio 270, we asked Noel Miller to help put names to any of the faces that Guy couldn't identify. Noel's comments are in red. Our thanks to both of them. The original pictures are very small and dark. We have enlarged and lightened them but the quality is not great. Some photos have been ticked to indicate that they were approved for use.

Roger Gale, Paul Burnett, Andy Kirk and Noel Miller
Early DJ line-up. Left to right: Roger Gale, Paul Burnett, Andy Kirk and Noel Miller.
Roger Gale, Paul Burnett, Andy Kirk and Noel Miller
The same line-up of DJs, all equally amused by their fan mail.
Roger Gale
Roger Gale fishing.
Two members of the crew.
in the galley
The chef at work.
in the galley
In the galley.
Hal Yorke
Hal Yorke in the studio. Photo taken from the news booth.
Hal Yorke
Hal Yorke again.
mv Oceaan 7
The mv Oceaan 7.
Crew of mv Oceaan 7
The crew.
Crew of mv Oceaan 7
Some of the crew. “The one on the left I don't remember, next to him is the radio tech/engineer (can't remember his name), the short guy in the cap is Gordon and next to him is Tommy Haylett who later came to Oz and worked on the oil rigs in Bass Strait.”
Captain of the mv Oceaan 7
“The original Dutch captain. He didn't speak English - in fact he hardly spoke at all - but he was the best skipper we had while I was there.”
Crewman and mv Oceaan 7
Crew member and mv Oceaan 7.
Up the mast
Climbing the mast.

With many thanks to Guy and Noel. Can anyone name the remaining unidentified people?
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