Pirate BBC Essex 2009: the ship is coming in


The BBC kindly allowed The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame on board during the Norman St.John show on Saturday afternoon.

Norman St.John
Norman St.John on the air.
Ray Clark
BBC Essex's Ray Clark (previously known as Mick Williams), helping Norman in the studio.
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards signing autographs.
Alan Turner and Roger Day
Alan Turner, in the yellow sweat-shirt, with Roger Day.
Radio Caroline shop
Radio Caroline set up shop in the back room of a local pub.
Johnnie and Tiggy Walker
Johnnie Walker arrives, wearing his best Carnaby Street gear, with wife Tiggy. Photo courtesy of Clive Smith.
Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker.
Chris Payne, Mike Ahern and Clive Smith
Chris Payne of the Radio London site, Caroline DJ Mike Ahern and Clive from country music station Hot'n'Gold outside the Pier Hotel. Thanks to Clive for the photo.

Tony Blackburn and Johnnie Walker

Tony Blackburn and Johnnie Walker. Thanks to Rob Newton for the photo.

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Chris & Mary Payne of Radio London were in Harwich for the whole four days of the Pirate BBC Essex broadcasts. Check out their website for eight pages of photos.
There is a report with more photos on the Offshore Radio Guide.
A 106 minute long DVD of the weekend's broadcast is available, price £15, from The National Vintage Wireless & Television Museum. It is called The Boat That Docked. See www.lv18.co.uk for details.

The Boat That Docked

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