The fans' memorabilia

The Caroline Club

Many of of the offshore stations operated their own listeners' clubs. The first was The Caroline Club. This page contains correspondence and memorabilia sent out to club members, some contributed by correspondent Clive Kay and some from The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame's own archive.

Caroline Club membership card
Clive Kay's membership card. New members received some DJ photos and this booklet about the station:
Caroline Club booklet
The entire booklet can be seen here.
When Clive joined the Club in 1964 he also received this letter, below. Click on the fragment to see the whole thing:
Caroline Club welcome letter
Does anyone remember going to the Caroline Coffee Bar in Felixstowe, as mentioned in the letter? Also enclosed was this press release about the merger with Radio Atlanta. Click to see it in full:
Caroline merger announcement
Following the upgrade of the Caroline South ship and the fitting of the new fifty kilowatt transmitter in 1966, this letter was sent out to members. It was not strictly accurate. Despite what it said, the North ship had not had a new transmitter. Click to see the whole thing:
Caroline Club fink competition
That letter was followed shortly afterwards by another one. It was time to pay another ten shillings (50p) to renew the subscription. Click to see it in full:
Caroline Club renewal letter
And this is the letter that accompanied the Caroline Club identity bracelet (not engraved with name and club membership number after all. Someone must have worked out how much that was going to cost!). Click on the fragment to see it all:
Caroline Club identity bracelet letter

Were you in The Radio London Club? The 270 Set? Have you still got any items of interest? If so, please get in touch.
There are more Caroline Club items here, here and here. We have Radio City Club memorabilia here and here. Some material from Radio Scotland's Clan 242 is here.
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