The Radio Academy Celebration of Sixties Offshore Radio

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Just a small selection of the hundreds of photographs taken at the event. Our thanks to all the photographers.

Phil Martin, Graham Gill, Dave Mackay
Three Britain Radio colleagues, left to right: Phil Martin, Graham Gill and Dave MacKay.
Tony Currie, Cathy Spence and Ben Healy
Tony Currie chats to Radio Scotland's Cathy Spence and Ben Healy.
Rolf Harris and Ronan O'Rahilly
Radio Caroline's founder, Ronan O'Rahilly, with Rolf Harris. Photo courtesy of Ray Clark.
Mark Sloane
Mark Sloane.
Spangles Muldoon and Mark West
Spangles Muldoon and Mark West. Photo courtesy of Paul Easton.
Spangles Muldoon and Keith Hampshire
Spangles and Keith “Keefers” Hampshire.
Noel Miller
Radio 270's “Neddy” Noel Miller.
Alan Turner
Another Neddy: Radio Caroline North's Alan “Neddy” Turner. Photo courtesy of Martin van der Ven.
Tony Blackburn and Robbie Dale
Tony Blackburn and Robbie Dale. Photo courtesy of Roy Sheridan.
Paul Hollingdale
One of the very first British offshore broadcasters, Paul Hollingdale was heard on CNBC in 1960. Photo courtesy of Paul Easton.
Duncan Johnson, Keith Skues, Ian Damon
Duncan Johnson, Keith Skues and Ian Damon. Photo courtesy of Clive Smith
Mike Ahern and Rosko
Emperor Rosko and Mike Ahern. Photo courtesy of Clive Smith.

More pictures from the Celebration on the next page.

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