Boss Radio and the Hallmark of Quality continued

More photos of Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio

These rare photos are from the collection of Don Pierson, founder of Radio England and Britain Radio. They have been kindly donated to The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame by Grey Pierson, Don's son. Many of them were taken on a day when a number of singing stars were visiting the ship. Our thanks to Grey.

Don Pierson

Don Pierson in front of the office of the Harcourt shipping agent at Parkeston Quay.
Jerry Smithwick

DJ Jerry Smithwick in front of the shipping agents' office.

Jerry Smithwick and Dick Sharp

Jerry Smithwick and Dick Sharp

Jerry Smithwick with (Curzon Street staffer?) Dick Sharp.

Wayne Fontana, Jerry Smithwick, Don Pierson and others
Singer Wayne Fontana, Jerry Smithwick, Don Pierson and others on the tender Offshore II.

Barry Benson, Jerry Smithwick, Wayne Fontana, Don Pierson
Left to right: singer Barry Benson, Jerry Smithwick,
Wayne Fontana and Don Pierson.

Rick Randall and crew
DJ Rick Randall (in white T-shirt) and members of the crew.

Wayne Fontana and crew
Wayne Fontana and crew.

riggers and an engineer
Dutch riggers and a Belgian engineer.

Some of the ship's crew.

Carol Driscoll, Jerry Smithwick and Twinkle
Jerry Smithwick gets to know
singers Carol Driscoll (left) and Twinkle.

Andrew Loog Oldham
Andrew Loog Oldham, manager of
The Rolling Stones, in the studio.

With many thanks to Grey Pierson.
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