Radio Caroline's 40th birthday DJ reunion

Traditionally Easter has always been celebrated as Caroline's “official” birthday but the station's first programme was on 28th March 1964. Exactly forty years later a number of Caroline DJs, from all eras of the station's existence, gathered to celebrate the occasion. Back in the sixties the Red Lion pub in London's Waverton Street, conveniently close to Chesterfield Gardens (the home of Caroline House) and Curzon Street (Radio London at number 17, Swinging Radio England at number 32), was the pirate DJs' hostelry of choice. It was the obvious venue for the reunion. The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame was delighted to be able to help organiser Roger Day track down some of his former colleagues and honoured to be invited to the event. Our grateful thanks to Roger. These photos were taken in and outside the pub that afternoon. Happy birthday Radio Caroline.

Robbie Dale, Johnnie Walker, Roger Day and Spangles Muldoon
Left to right: Robbie Dale, Johnnie Walker, Roger Day and Spangles Muldoon.
Tom Edwards, Robbie Dale, Johnnie Walker, Roger Day, Spangles Muldoon and Ronan O'Rahilly
Left to right: Tom Edwards, Robbie Dale, Johnnie Walker, Roger Day, Spangles Muldoon and station founder Ronan O'Rahilly.
John Aston and Roger Day
John Aston displays a Caroline poster, Roger Day on the right.
George Saunders and Simon Dee
Original Mi Amigo engineer George Saunders (left) chats with Simon Dee.
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards.
Simon Dee with “;Chairman Harold” poster
Simon Dee displays a “Chairman Harold” poster from the 1970 election campaign.
Keith Skues and Tom Edwards
Keith Skues (left) and Tom Edwards.
Roger Scott and Ray Teret
Roger Scott (left) and Ray Teret.
Spangles Muldoon
Spangles Muldoon.
Ronan O'Rahilly and Paul McKenna
Ronan O'Rahilly and eighties Caroline DJ Paul McKenna.
Martin Kayne
Martin Kayne chooses the wrong moment to blink.
Keith Skues and Johnnie Walker
Keith Skues (left) and Johnnie Walker.

More photos from the party here.
See also pictures from Radio London's, Radio Essex's and Radio England/Britain Radio's fortieth anniversary celebrations.
Plus ... five years later ... pictures of Caroline's 45th birthday.

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