Pirate BBC Essex 2007 continued.

As for the previous Pirate BBC Essex broadcasts, former Radio London DJ Duncan Johnson was commissioned to voice the jingle package. He visited the ship on 14th August for the station's last day of programmes:

Ian Damon and Duncan Johnson

Keith Skues

Ian Damon and Duncan Johnson. These six photos kindly provided by Duncan.
Keith Skues.

Johnnie Walker

Pirate BBC Essex group shot

Johnnie Walker.
Left to right: Duncan Johnson, Keith Skues, Johnnie Walker, Norman St.John and Dave Cash, with BBC Essex's Tim Gillett at the back and Ed Stewart down the front.


all ashore

The local ferry, which acted as station tender.
Going ashore after it was all over.

At 3 o'clock on 14th August Steve Scruton of BBC Essex and Ed Stewart, formerly of Radio London, closed Pirate BBC Essex down. BBC Essex then broadcast a documentary, produced by Ray Clark, called All At Sea - August 14th, What Happened Next?. Meanwhile, their job done, the presenters headed for shore. The team had enjoyed good weather for the first five days of the broadcasts but Tuesday was wet and windy. The DJs got a bit damp - as did the masses of listeners who had congregated on the pier to welcome them ashore:

Dave Cash

Keith Skues

Ed Stewart

Dave Cash.
Keith Skues.
Ed Stewart.


Johnnie Walker and Tom Edwards

Duncan Johnson

Johnnie Walker followed by Tom Edwards.
Duncan Johnson. These photos kindly provided by Clive Smith.

There is a page of audio and video clips from Pirate BBC Essex on the BBC Essex website.
The Radio London site was in Harwich for the entire duration of the broadcast and has extensive coverage of Pirate BBC Essex
and there is an excellent photo gallery on the Offshore Echo's site.
For pictures of the 2009 broadcast see here.

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