UK Offshore Radio 1964-1968

DATE EVENT Relevant pages of Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
13th FEBRUARY The mv Fredericia sails from Rotterdam to Greenore harbour, where she is to be fitted out as a radio ship.
3rd MARCH The mv Mi Amigo sets sail from Spain to Greenore harbour, where the aerial mast will be rigged.
27th MARCH 5pm approx: Radio Caroline begins test broadcasts from mv Fredericia, anchored off Felixstowe, Suffolk.
28th MARCH 12 noon: Caroline begins regular transmissions on 1520 kHz, referred to on air as “199 metres”, 6am-6pm. Caroline In The Sixties
Caroline launch press release
Caroline Club memorabilia
9th MAY Radio Atlanta broadcasts a test programme on Caroline's frequency after that station has closed down for the night.
12th MAY Atlanta begins regular programmes on 1493 kHz, 201 metres, from the mv Mi Amigo, anchored off Frinton, Essex. Allan Crawford interview
Richard Harris interview
Johnny Jackson’s memorabilia
Radio Atlanta rate card
Leon Tipler's tape archive
27th MAY Pop singer Screaming Lord Sutch launches Radio Sutch from the Shivering Sands Fort in the Thames estuary on 1542 kHz, referred to as “197 metres”. Colin Dale's photos
Susan Moore's photos
Radio Sutch story
3rd JUNE Radio Invicta starts test broadcasts on a number of frequencies from Red Sands Fort, also in Thames estuary.
2nd JULY Radios Caroline and Atlanta announce they are to “merge”, although the two ships will remain separately owned. Press cutting
3rd JULY Caroline's mv Fredericia sets sail for a new anchorage in the north. Radio Atlanta becomes Radio Caroline South. It continues to broadcast on 1493 kHz but this is now referred to as “199 metres”. Caroline sails north
6th JULY 3.32pm: Caroline drops anchor in Ramsey Bay, Isle of Man and becomes Radio Caroline North. It is broadcasting on 1520 kHz, which is also referred to on air as “199 metres”. Don Allen's photos
Caroline North documents
Caroline programme format
Ric Jonns interview
Tom Lodge's photos
Tony Prince's memories
Alan Turner's photos
17th JULY Radio Invicta begins regular programmes on 985 kHz, referred to as “306 metres”. Tom Pepper's photos
Phil Perkins' memories
24th JULY A lifeboat takes DJ Bryan Vaughan off the mv Mi Amigo. He is suffering from food poisoning.
29th JULY Radio Noordze begins broadcasting in Dutch from the man-made “REM Island” off Noordwijk, Holland.
1st SEPTEMBER TV Noordzee becomes Europe's first offshore television station, transmitting on channel 11, 625 lines, from the REM Island.
13th SEPTEMBER? Radio Sutch becomes Radio City after Sutch's manager Reg Calvert takes over the station. Johnny Flux photo
Peter Jameson's memorabilia
Eric Jay's photos
Bill Price's photos
Radio City story
Radio City Club memorabilia
30th SEPTEMBER After trying a number of different frequencies, Radio City is now operating on 1262kHz, 238 metres. In mid-December it will switch to 1034kHz, referred to as “299 metres”. Woolf Byrne's photo
Luc Dunne's memories
Luc Dunne's photos
OCTOBER Radio Syd replaces the storm-damaged mv Cheeta with the mv Cheeta II.
12th DECEMBER After a change in Dutch law, TV Noordzee closes down. The radio station continues broadcasting.
16th DECEMBER Tom Pepper, owner of Radio Invicta, drowns with two employees when the station tender sinks. Bob Graham's memories
Ed Moreno's tribute
Press cuttings
16th DECEMBER Radio London begins test transmissions from mv.Galaxy.
17th DECEMBER A Dutch police raid on the REM Island closes Radio Noordzee. Press cutting
23rd DECEMBER Radio London starts regular programmes 6am-9pm on 1133 kHz, referred to as “266 metres”. Dave Hawkins's photos
Duncan Johnson's photos
John Lait's photos
Mitch Philistin's photos
Gordon Sheppard's photos
Leon Tipler's tape archive
Willy Walker's photos


DATE EVENT Relevant pages of Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
22nd JANUARY Anthony Wedgwood Benn MP, the Postmaster General, signs the Council of Europe charter, pledging the government to outlaw offshore radio.
FEBRUARY Radio Invicta closes down.
24th FEBRUARY Walton-on-the-Naze lifeboat attends Radio London where a crew-member has gastric flu.
24th MARCH King Radio replaces Invicta on Red Sands fort, broadcasting on 1267 kHz, referred to on air as “236 metres”. The brief reign of King Radio
Mark Hammerton's tapes
Press cutting
20th APRIL Offshore I, the tender used by Radio London and Caroline South, rescues a USAF pilot from the North Sea. The rescue of John C. Winn
Press cutting
APRIL / MAY / JUNE Caroline South programmes are revamped, broadcasting hours extended, the station chart is renamed ‘The Sound Of '65’, the DJs become ‘Good Guys’, the daily Jack Spector show starts and regular news bulletins are introduced. News bulletins, Jack Spector and extended hours also introduced on Caroline North. Caroline In The Sixties
Marian Cochrane's memories
Colin Nicol's photos
Paul Noble's photos
Programme schedule
Sylvan the Stowaway
Carl Thomson's photos
When Bryan met Jack
5th MAY Organist Jimmy Smith performs live on the deck of Radio Caroline South. Simon Dee audio
22nd SEPTEMBER King Radio closes down, apart from a pre-recorded message which continues for a few days, announcing the arrival of Radio 390.
25th SEPTEMBER Radio 390 replaces King on Red Sands with a new transmitter operating on 773 kHz, referred to on air as “390 metres”. David Allen's photos
Peter Berkeley's photos
Edward Cole's photos
Luuk Meuwese's memorabilia
The Radio 390 Story
Mike Raven's letters
OCTOBER There is a dispute taking place over occupancy of Knock John Fort in the Thames estuary between employees of Radio City and Southend businessman Roy Bates. Cliff Cuttelle's photos
Press cutting
Press cutting
Radio Essex Story
OCTOBER Caroline North contemplates moving to a new anchorage but the trial run is cancelled and the ship stays put. The Caroline “cruise”
OCTOBER Tower Radio is testing on various frequencies from Sunk Head Tower off Essex. Regular programming is never achieved.
27th or 28th OCTOBER? Radio Essex, owned by Roy Bates, starts test transmissions from Knock John. Press cutting
Tribute to Roy Bates
7th NOVEMBER Radio Essex begins regular programmes on 1353 kHz, 222 metres. Guy Hamilton's photos
Roger Scott's photos
David Sinclair's photos
DECEMBER Planet Productions, the operators of Caroline North, acquire the assets of Project Atlanta, the operators of Caroline South. Press cutting
24th DECEMBER Harwich police visit Radio London to remove a knife-brandishing crew-member.
31st DECEMBER 11.50pm: Radio Scotland commences broadcasting from the Comet anchored off Dunbar, East Lothian on 1241 kHz, 242 metres. I built Radio Scotland
Clan 242 memorabilia
Bob Donnelly's photos
Jimmy Mack's photos
Gordon McCallum's photos
Radio Scotland scripts
Radio Scotland Story

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See also Dr Eric Gilder and Mervyn Hagger's timeline, covering the build-up to the arrival of offshore radio in Britain: 1917-1959 and 1960-1963.

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