The fans' memorabilia

Did you correspond with any pirate DJs during the sixties, seventies or eighties? Or visit one of the stations and take some photos? Maybe you went to one of the many promotional events. If you have any mementoes - pictures, letters, stickers, anything that other fans might be interested in seeing - please contact The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.

A number of people have already been in touch and provided some fascinating items from their collections and some reminiscences:

  • Stuart Aiken has sent us an audio montage of Radio Caroline South as it was in 1967.

  • Per Alarud has contributed a home movie shot on board Radio 355, Radio London and Radio Caroline South in 1967 by Maths Lindgren.

  • Bob Arnold has provided some photos shot on board Radio Northsea International, and another set taken at Radio Veronica's studios.

  • Eddie Austin discovered K-I-N-G Radio doing an illicit test broadcast on land.

  • Norah Barnes used to run Don Allen's fan club. She has donated some fantastic photos, parts one, two and three.

  • Howard Bond has contributed correspondence relating to a proposed move for the Radio Caroline North ship in October 1965.

  • Angus Boucher has contributed some correspondence and memorabilia from Radio City.

  • Ray Clark visited the rusting mv Mi Amigo in 1979, less than a year before she sank. He has kindly shared his photos. And, from the same year, some photos of the Dutch station Radio Del Mare being escorted back to land.

  • Derek Cockerill went on a boat trip out to Radios London and Caroline South in 1966. He still has the photos.

  • Peter Cousins' photos of a 1984 North Sea boat trip.

  • Richard Crichton, Ben Healy, Hans Knot, George Morris and Kenny Tosh have all contributed items from their personal collections of Radio Scotland memorabilia: parts one and two.

  • Stuart Craigen has sent some photos of the Radio Scotland ship, the Comet, in harbour after the end of its broadcasting career.

  • Stuart has also donated the plans of Radio Essex's Knock John and Radio City's Shivering Sands forts.

  • Brian Cullen has donated some Caroline North memorabilia and pictures from a day-trip out to the ship in 1967; plus letters from DJ Jerry “Soopa” Leighton and photos Brian took of some of his radio heroes.

  • Jim Cuthbertson has found an old copy of Radio News full of offshore radio stories from March 1967.

  • Chris Davies visited the two Radio Caroline ships while they were in harbour in Holland in 1970. He has contributed these photographs.

  • André de Raaij's Radio Caroline South DJ roster for the last few months of 1964 and the start of 1965.

  • Mick Dockree has contributed a number of newspaper cuttings showing various offshore programme schedules from the sixties.

  • Ed Durrant has sent us some press cuttings relating to Radio 270 and Radio Northsea International.

  • Natalie Dwyer has sent some correspondence and a photo that her mother, Roma Roach, received from disc-jockey Ed Moreno back in the sixties.

  • Bill Eatwell has provided a certiciate of Commission in the Beat Fleet, Robbie Dale's fan club.

  • John England has contributed a number of recordings, originally owned by Radio England / Britain Radio presenter Tom Cooper.

  • Nigel Fell has contributed a number of press cuttings from the sixties.

  • Mike and Rosemary Ford had a holiday with the Radio London DJs in 1967 and met another Big L DJ the previous year at the Miss GLC beauty contest.

  • Bill Fowlie has donated the original Radio Scotland closedown script and some other goodies that he rescued from the ship back in 1967.

  • Ian Francis has sent a chart from Wireless World magazine, listing all the AM stations on the air in Europe as of 1st November 1965.

  • Alec Fry has provided some exclusive photos he took on a trip to Caroline South and Big L in March 1965.

  • Richard Hart has sent some photos from a day-trip to Radio Caroline North and a picture of the Radio 270 ship after its time at sea.

  • Ate Harsta received a letter from the captain of the Radio Caroline South ship in 1965. It has been kindly passed on to us by Hans Knot.

  • Three video clips from home movies and some stills from a May 1978 day-trip to the mv Mi Amigo, courtesy of Trevor Haynes, Ray Clark, Dietmar Flacke, Ken Crowther and Brian Nichols.

  • Helen Heath has kindly sent us three pages of photos of Radio Northsea International and one of the Caroline and London ships, all published by the Free Radio Association. They had belonged to her late father Roy Howe.

  • John Hill has sent a couple of photos from a visit to Radio Caroline South in July 1964.

  • Ray Hill has provided some correspondence written by Caroline South DJ Keith Skues in 1965.

  • Denis Hoare has sent an excellent article from Practical Wireless magazine about the court cases involving Radio Essex and Radio 390.

  • Lars Holm has contributed a series of articles from the seventies. Published in Fab 208 magazine, they tell Tony Prince's memories of Radio Caroline.

  • Munro Jack has sent us some photos of a day-trip to RNI.

  • John James has provided some photos of a trip to Radio London in August 1967, passed on to us by Michael Bollons and Brian Nichols.

  • Grahame Joyce has sent us some correspondence from DJ Mike Raven.

  • Alan Jux has kindly allowed us to reprint some Radio London photos previously published on Facebook.

  • Clive Kay has kindly sent us some Caroline Club memorabilia.

  • Mavis Kemsley has kindly sent us some photos of DJ Ed Moreno.

  • Hans Knot has contributed some fantastic pictures of the Caroline South disc-jockeys from the summer of 1966, some photos of the two Radio Caroline ships, some fascinating documents relating to offshore radio that he has collected over the years, press cuttings relating to the 1967 free radio rally in London and some photos taken by Chris Vermeulen of the Radio Caroline North ship being towed into IJmuiden harbour at the end of its broadcasting career in March 1968.

  • Fred Kooreman has contributed some Radio Caroline North documents found, surprisingly, aboard the Caroline South vessel and some photos of the ship.

  • Jempi Laevaert has kindly contributed some offshore charts: Caroline Countdowns of Sound from 11th December 1965 and 29th April 1967 as well as a City Sixty from 29th May 1966.

  • Barbara Larner's correspondence from Radio Caroline South's Robbie Dale.

  • Chris Levy had a request played on Radio Atlanta - and still has the letter to prove it. And we have a recording of it too!

  • Mike Lewis has contributed a lot of wonderful material, including some Caroline Club, Radio Scotland Clan 242 and Radio City memorabilia, and press cuttings from 1964/65, 1966 and 1967. Also cuttings from Radio News, issues dated 24th January, 31st January, 7th February, 14th February, 21st February, 28th February and 14th March 1967. Plus a 1966 article from The Observer magazine about a visit to Radio London and Caroline South.

  • Luuk Meuwese's offshore radio photo album and memorabilia, kindly provided by Hans Knot, including: the two Caroline ships in Zaandam, a visit to the mv Mi Amigo in 1979, Radio 390, Radio 270, Caroline DJs, Radio England / Britain Radio and several pages of press cuttings.

  • Ray Monk has contributed a number of press cuttings from the sixties.

  • George Morris and Stuart Russell have contributed twenty pages of newspaper cuttings from before and after 14th August 1967. “The Final Countdown” starts here.

  • More press cuttings from George Morris and Stuart Russell covering the towing away of the two Radio Caroline ships in March 1968. They start here.

  • Press cuttings from George Morris covering the aftermath of Radio Caroline's 1968 closedown.

  • Margaret Mytton's recordings of Radio Caroline's Mike Ahern.

  • Rob Olthof's photos of mv Mi Amigo and both Caroline ships in Zaandam harbour during the sixties, as well as the Mi Amigo in IJmuiden, the Mi Amigo at sea and the Mi Amigo in Zaandam in 1972; a North Sea boat trip during the seventies, various offshore vessels, Radio Atlantis's mv Jeanine, Radio Northsea International, more from RNI, various DJs, the Caroline ships in Amsterdam, Laser-558 and the Zeezenders 20 event in 1978 - all kindly passed on to us by Hans Knot.

  • Steve Ostler has found a recording of a 1966 advert on Radio 390 for a competition in conjunction with Reveille magazine and Hans Knot has provided a cutting to go with it.

  • Keith Penfold has sent photos from a boat trip out to visit Radio Caroline South in August 1964.

  • Geoff Prett has provided autographs from a couple of Caroline South DJs, collected at Battersea Fun Fair in May 1965.

  • Mark Reed has forwarded a letter and photo his brother received from Radio London in 1966.

  • Byron Richards has contributed some photos from Radio Caroline South taken by engineer Morris Brown.

  • John Richards remembers helping to dismantle Radio City's enormous “tower of power” aerial mast.

  • Peter Robinson has contributed a home movie shot on the day of Mick Luvzit's wedding on Radio Caroline North by his father, Douglas.

  • Jonathan Shirley has provided some wonderful Swinging Radio England photos and some pictures of the June 1970 free radio rally in London taken by Peter Ward. Also some Radio 390 and Radio Tower press cuttings.

  • Jim Sinclair has contributed a number of issues of Radio Scotland's 242 Showbeat magazine, part 1 and part 2.

  • Bob Stevenson has kindly donated some disc-jockey photographs and memorabilia from Radio Scotland.

  • Hans Stieper has generously contributed a recording of a Kenny Everett report on the Beatles tour of the States; also some other recordings salvaged from the Radio London ship while she was in Hamburg harbour after the end of her broadcasting career, plus some photos taken at the time.

  • Kevin Tansey has kindly given us some Tom Cooper WJVA memorabilia.

  • John Thomas - a photo of the Caroline North ship being towed away in March 1968.

  • Brian Thompson - archive photos of the Caroline North ship mv Fredericia being launched, courtesy of Erik Christensen, Archive Manager of Bangsbo Museum.

  • Kenny Tosh inherited Don Allen's collection of memorabilia. He has donated some unique photos and recordings, parts one and two.

  • Derek Tripp's Radio Scotland memorabilia.

  • Shirley Turner remembers winning a day trip to Radio London.

  • Onno van Buuren's photos of various Radio Caroline DJs and engineers, taken in April 1974.

  • Nico Verbeek has donated some recordings of Radio Northsea International on FM and photos taken at Radio Veronica's studios.

  • Patrick Vienne's press cuttings.

  • Chris Warren has sent some Radio City memorabilia.

  • Michael Wickham was lucky enough to visit Radio Caroline South. He shares his memories.

  • Wim Willems and George Morris have contributed some press cuttings, listing the various stations' programme schedules.

  • Grahme Wood has sent us some Radio Invicta press cuttings, correspondence from DJ Ed Moreno and photos of DJ Graham Gill owned by his mother Pam Wood.

Many thanks to Stuart, Per, Maths, Bob, Eddie, Norah, Howard, Angus, Ray, Derek, Peter, Richard, Ben, Hans, George, Kenny, Stuart, Brian, Jim, Chris, André, Mick, Ed, Natalie, Roma, Bill, John, Nigel, Mike, Rosemary, Bill, Ian, Alec, Richard, Ate, Trevor, Dietmar, Ken, Brian, Helen, Roy, John, Ray, Denis, Lars, Munro, James, Michael, Grahame, Alan, Clive, Mavis, Hans, Chris, Fred, Jempi, Barbara, Chris, Mike, Luuk, Ray, George, Margaret, Rob, Steve, Keith, Geoff, Mark, Byron, Stuart, John, Peter, Douglas, Jonathan, Peter, Jim, Bob, Hans, Kevin, John, Brian, Erik, Kenny, Derek, Shirley, Onno, Nico, Patrick, Chris, Michael, Wim and Grahme.
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