The fans' memorabilia

Pam Wood's collection, continued

On this page and the next we feature a number of the many letters that Pam kept from her long correspondence with offshore DJ Ed Moreno. Some of the letters include references to personal and family matters, which we have omitted, but the following will be of interest to anyone who remembers Ed's shows. His letters reveal just how much hiring and firing was going on behind the scenes at our favourite radio stations.

An autographed photo of Ed Moreno.


A letter from Ed, explaining how he has lost his job on Radio Invicta but is about to appear on television.
The letter is undated but the postmark reveals it was posted on 11th January 1965. Click on each page to enlarge.


A postcard with a picture of a BOAC VC10 jet on the front and news of a new job on the back.
Ed is joining Radio City. From August 1965.


Now employed at Radio City, Ed reveals he is unhappy that one of his colleagues, Alexander Dee, has been fired, in a letter from January 1966. Simon Ashley, who Ed mentions, was a colleague on Radio Invicta who died when the station tender sank in December 1964 (see previous page). The Johnny he refers to is Johnny Flux (aka John Edward) who had moved from Radio City to Radio London in November 1965.


It is another of Ed's VC10 postcards. After 13 months with Radio City,
he is on the move again. From September 1966.

More of Ed's letters on the next page.
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