Two Radio 270 reunions

In December 2010 two former Radio 270 DJs, Guy Hamilton and Mike Hayes, organised a reunion lunch for some of their old colleagues from the Oceaan 7. Unfortunately a number of them live too far away to be able to attend, others had prior engagements, some couldn't be traced and a few are no longer with us, but a number were able to be there. Joining them, and some of the wives/partners, was Bob Preedy, the author of Radio 270 - Life On The Oceaan Waves.

Guy Hamilton
Guy Hamilton with an original Radio 270 sticker.
Mike Hayes
Mike Hayes.
Bob Preedy and John Aston
Bob Preedy, left, and John Aston.
Paul Burnett and Mike Hayes
Paul Burnett and Mike Hayes, right, with Guy's wife Roma.
Roger Scott
Roger Scott.
Paul Burnett
Paul Burnett.
one end of the table
The view from one end of the table.
the other end of the table
The view from the other end.
Brendan Power
Brendan Power.
John Aston
John Aston.
Brendan Power and Pete Bowman
Left to right: Brendan Power, Pete Bowman, Roma.
Brendan Power, Pete Bowman, Paul Burnett, Mike Hayes
Left to right: Brendan Power, Pete Bowman, Paul Burnett, Mike Hayes.
Paul Burnett, Mike Hayes
Paul Burnett and Mike Hayes.
Brendan Power, Pete Bowman
Brendan Power and Pete Bowman.

With grateful thanks to Guy Hamilton for the photographs.

In March 2011 former Radio 270 administrator Maggie White (née Lucas) was visiting the UK from her home in Melbourne Australia and, while in London, she met up with a couple of the station's DJs.

Pete Bowman, Maggie White, Guy Hamilton
Left to right: Pete Bowman, Maggie White and Guy Hamilton.

Maggie's memories of Radio 270 are on this page.
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