Radio Day 2014 in Amsterdam

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Radio City panel

Next up it was the Radio City panel. Some of the members, left to right: RWB, Dick Dixon, Mike Hayes,
Martin Green, Bob Le Roi (moderator) and Ricky Michaels.

Radio City panel

The other end of the table. Left to right: Martin Green, Bob Le Roi, Ricky Michaels,
Norman St.John and Peggy Knight.

Radio City panel
The Radio City panel.
Caroline in the Sixties panel
The Caroline In The Sixties panellists begin to gather. Left to right, at the back: Roger Day, Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale, Keith Skues and Norman St.John. Down the front Tony Prince and engineer Patrick Starling.
Caroline in the Sixties panel
With 17 on stage, there were too many to fit in one photo. Top row, left to right: Mark Sloane and Bud Ballou. Below: John Aston, Gordy Cruse, Wally Meehan, Ross Brown / Freddie Beare and Alan Turner (obscured).
Caroline in the Sixties panel
Top row, left to right: Mark Sloane, Bud Ballou, Steve Young, Bryan Vaughan, Roger Day. Below: Wally Meehan, Ross Brown / Freddie Beare, Alan Turner, David Williams and Tony Prince.
Caroline in the Sixties panel
Some of the Caroline in the Sixties panel, moderated by Ray Clark (not pictured).
Wally Meehan
Wally Meehan singing You'll Never Walk Alone.
Keith Skues
Time for the Radio Day bi-annual awards. Keith Skues, above right, announced the award for ‘Top Technical Support of Offshore Radio’ to Radio Caroline engineer of the sixties, Carl Thomson, who unfortunately couldn't be there to receive it.
Roger Scott/Arnold Layne
Roger Scott (otherwise known as Arnold Layne) presenting the first award for ‘An Outstanding Contribution to Offshore Radio’ to an old colleague.....
John Aston
....and the winner is John Aston.
Chris and Mary Payne
The award for ‘Offshore Radio Anorak’ was presented by Chris Payne to his surprised wife Mary. Together they operate the Radio London website.
Chris and Mary Payne
Chris and Mary Payne.
Ferry Eden
Dutch DJ Ferry Eden presented the second award for ‘An Outstanding Contribution to Offshore Radio’ to a former colleague......
Ad Roberts
....Ad Roberts.
The third award for ‘An Outstanding Contribution to Offshore Radio’ went to Andy Archer but unfortunately he was in the bar and missed it!
Robert Magnier and Francois Lhote
The award for ‘Offshore Radio Writers and Historians’ went to Offshore Echos. All the various editors through the magazine's existence were mentioned but the award was collected by two members of the current team, Robert Magniez, left, and François Lhote.

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With the business of the day completed, it was time for some socialising. More photos over the page.

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