The Radio Academy Celebration of Sixties Offshore Radio

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On 4th August 2007, just days ahead of the fortieth anniversary of the dreaded Marine Offences Act, over sixty former offshore personnel gathered at Sugar Reef in London to celebrate the achievements of the offshore radio stations of the sixties. Held under the auspices of the Radio Academy, the event was organised by a committee including your Pirate Radio Hall of Fame webmaster, Chris and Mary Payne from Radio London, Gerry Zierler (formerly offshore DJ Guy Hamilton), technical wizz Brian Thompson, Mark Story of EMAP and Tim Gillett of BBC Essex, alongside Academy Director Trevor Dann.
Probably the largest gathering of pirates ever, the event was also open to the public. The photos over the next few pages have been contributed by a number of different people to whom we are very grateful.

Click on the photos on this page to enlarge them.
Sixties pirates attending:
Mike Ahern Martin Kayne
David Allan John Kerr
John Aston Bob LeRoi
Nick Bailey Dave MacKay
Bud Ballou Keith Martin
Michael Bates Phil Martin
Colin Berry Jack McLaughlin
Tony Blackburn Tony Meehan
Pete Brady Ricky Michaels
Mike Brereton Noel Miller
Woolf Byrne Spangles Muldoon
Candy Calvert Ronan O'Rahilly
Gordon Cruse Dick Palmer
Brian Cullingford Mitch Philistin
Robbie Dale Emperor Rosko
Ian Damon George Saunders
Roger Day Roger Scott
Dick Dixon Keith Skues
John Edward Mark Sloane
Paul Elvey Cathy Spence
Flying Dutchman Patrick Starling
Paul Freeman Ed Stewart
Graham Gill Norman St.John
Lee Groen Ray Teret
Guy Hamilton Carl Thomson
Keith Hampshire Alan Turner
George Hare Bryan Vaughan
Dave Hawkins Johnnie Walker
Ben Healy Graham Webb
Paul Hollingdale Mark West
Mel Howard Stephen West
Phil Jay Dave Williams
Duncan Johnson Penny Wolfe

The event kicked off with a press call and photo shoot for all the broadcasters - but there were just too many! It proved impossible to squeeze them all into one photo.
the DJs gather
Too numerous to name them all but the front row consisted of, left to right, Tony Meehan, Mitch Philistin, Ian Damon, Graham Webb, Dave Williams, Bob LeRoi, Candy Calvert and Paul Elvey.
the DJs gather
Cathy Spence, Bud Ballou, Roger Day and Stephen West on the left, with Graham Gill and Keith Martin behind them. Brian Cullingford, Roger Scott, Paul Hollingdale, Nick Bailey, John Kerr, Mark Sloane and Ed Stewart also visible behind the front row.

Radio Academy programme front
Martin Kayne and Mark Sloane

Martin Kayne and
Mark Sloane

Mitch, David Allan and others

Former Radio London ship's steward Mitch Philistin, David Allan, Brian Cullingford, Ian Damon and Graham Webb with Paul Hollingdale and Nick Bailey partially obscured.

Ben Healy and Norman St.John

Ben Healy and Norman St.John arrive down the front.

Lurking at the back

Some of the many familiar names lurking at the back of the group included Graham Gill, Roger Scott, Paul Hollingdale, Jack McLaughlin, John Edward, Alan Turner, Dave MacKay, John Aston, Ed Stewart, Woolf Byrne, Paul Freeman and yes that really is Rolf Harris! A friend of Graham Webb's and a staunch supporter of the offshore stations, Rolf was there to join in the celebration.

Rosko, Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale

Emperor Rosko, Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale and
Bud Ballou with Cathy Spence, Gordon Cruse, Roger Day,
Stephen West and Graham Gill behind and, we think,
the top of Mel Howard's head!

More from the Celebration on the next page.

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