Bill Price's Radio City photo album

Bill Price was a technician on Radio City. His sister, Jan Hill, has very kindly forwarded some photos and newspaper cuttings he has kept since his time on the fort. Our thanks to them both.

Bill Price and colleague
Bill Price, on the left, and a colleague we haven't been able to identify. Ian MacRae says: “The more I look at that photo the more I remember that guy (on the right) coming on board. He wasn’t there for long. I have a feeling he was an engineer and possibly Australian.”
Tom Edwards
Senior DJ “Tatty” Tom Edwards in the studio.
on deck
Alan Clark, left, and chef Luc Dunne. Thanks to Eric Martin for identifying them.
on the tender
On the tender, Harvester II.
Shivering Sands
Shivering Sands in the distance.
Shivering Sands
Shivering Sands from the tender. Technician Graham Bunce says: “It could be me on the left, as I certainly had a fake leather jacket like that, but the ear is the only other clue so I can't be sure.”
Shivering Sands
Shivering Sands from the tender.
Shivering Sands
A walkways between the Shivering Sands towers.
supplies from the tender
Sending up supplies from the tender.
supplies from the tender
The platform which was used to winch people and provisions up from the tender.

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