Look Boden's offshore photo album - part one

The mv.Laissez-Faire housed two radio stations. Initially these were Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio but in November 1966 Radio England was replaced by a Dutch language station, Radio Dolfijn. The following year that too was replaced - by Radio 227 - and Britain Radio became Radio 355. Look Boden worked occasionally for the two Dutch stations and took many photos of his colleagues on both the Dutch and English services. This page shows Look and some of the English language broadcasters.

Look Boden
Look Boden.
Alan Black
Alan Black.
Errol Bruce Errol Bruce
Errol “Bosscat” Bruce.
Graham Gill
Graham Gill.
Phil Martin
Phil Martin.
Mark Stevens / Ted Delaney
Ron Rose, who broadcast on Radio England as ‘Mark Stevens’ and on Britain Radio as ‘Ted Delaney’.
Ed Moreno
Ed Moreno.

Before joining Radio Dolfijn, Look had freelanced for Holland's first offshore station Radio Veronica. He stayed with Radio 227 until July 1967. He then did his National Service in the airforce. This was followed by two years working in a record shop. For a year he was with TROS Radio, one of the main Dutch national networks, as a DJ and a producer. After leaving TROS, Look started his own business which has now grown to a network of fifteen shops as well as a distribution company. He still broadcasts and has been heard on Radio Rijnmond, Radio 192 and various other Dutch stations. He now operates a revived Radio 227.

With many thanks to Look Boden. For pictures of Look's Dutch colleagues, see part two.
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