David Sinclair's tape collection

David Sinclair

David Sinclair worked on Radio Essex, BBMS, Radio 270 and Radio 390. He very kindly sent us a box of tapes he had kept from his days at sea. Unless otherwise stated the presenter on each of the programme clips is David himself.

David Sinclair

click to hear audio The book Who's Who In Pop Radio mentions that David is a fan of big band music so it is no surprise that he kept tapes of Radio Essex's Big Band Show. This clip is from the programme of 6th September 1966 (duration 1 minute 23 seconds) click to hear audio It is An Evening With Essex from 21st October 1966. The voice at the start is Roger Scott, the one at the end is Guy Hamilton and, in between, an hour of David. The “E.B.C” referred to by Roger is the Essex Beat Club (duration 2 minutes 36 seconds)
click to hear audio From the evening of 27th June 1967 on Radio 390, this clip features the end of Continental Cabaret with Roger Scott, the 9pm news and the start of the Serenade programme (duration 2 minutes 27 seconds) click to hear audio Radio 390's Serenade was split into sections with different presenters doing an hour or two each. The last hour of this show is presented by Jonathan Hall (duration 2 minutes 8 seconds)
click to hear audio It is 1pm on 12th July 1967. After the news from Christopher Clark it is time for the lunchtime edition of Radio 390's request show From Me To You (duration 2 minutes 48 seconds) click to hear audio This tape is better quality than the others, having been recorded for transmission. The clip is from a pre-recorded edition of Radio 390's Swing Session, broadcast on 4th June 1967 (duration 1 minute 31 seconds)
click to hear audio It is coming up to noon on 28th June 1967 on Radio 390. We hear the end of Music From The Shows with Christopher Clark and the start of Lunchbreak, complete with an advert for a computer school. Strange to hear such a sexist commercial on ‘Eve, the woman's magazine of the air’! (duration 2 minutes 51 seconds) click to hear audio Radio 390 ran a series of programmes featuring band leader Lew Stone called My Kind Of Music. This is a clip from the second show in the series. It is introduced by Edward Cole with recorded inserts from Lew (duration 2 minutes 21 seconds)
click to hear audio Radio 390's predecessors on Red Sands fort, Radio Invicta and King Radio, had appealed to listeners for their old records. This had resulted in a substantial library of 78 rpm discs. These were featured each day on 390's Memory Lane programme. This one is from 6th May 1967 (duration 1 minute 24 seconds) click to hear audio David does not have many recordings from his time on Radio 270. This is part of a Midnight Hour show from some time in early 1967. The voice at the start, yet again, is his colleague Roger Scott (duration 3 minutes 33 seconds)
click to hear audio A selection of promotions from the various stations where David worked (duration 2 minutes 41 seconds) click to hear audio A selection of commercials for well-known products run on the various stations where David worked (duration 2 minutes 41 seconds)
click to hear audio A selection of commercials for some lesser-known products and services, as advertised on Radio Essex and Radio 390. The voice on the Kent Elms Coachworks advert is Radio Essex owner Roy Bates, recorded in his living room! (duration 2 minutes 12 seconds)

Many thanks to David for sharing this unique archive.
Some of David's photo collection can be seen here.

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On board the Radio 390 tender

David Sinclair in the Radio Essex studio
On board Radio 390's tender. Christopher Clark, centre left, David centre right.

David in the Radio Essex studio. Both photos courtesy of George Morris.

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