John Lait's Radio London photo album

John Lait worked on board Radio London's ship, the mv Galaxy, as an electrician. He has very kindly provided these great photos that he has kept from his days at sea.

Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Kenny and Cash
Kenny Everett wielding a tape spool over the head of his colleague Dave Cash.
Dave Dennis
Dave Dennis.
Peter & Gordon with Duncan Johnson
Duncan Johnson, on the right of the picture, as singing duo Peter & Gordon visit the Galaxy. The young woman in the photo is a journalist called Moira.
Dave Cash
Dave Cash in the studio.
Peter & Gordon with Duncan Johnson
Duncan Johnson shakes a leg to the music of Peter & Gordon. There is another picture of this visit in Duncan Johnson's photo album.
Dave Cash
Dave Cash on the air.
mv Mi Amigo
The neighbours: Caroline South's mv Mi Amigo.
(Thanks to Paul, John and Harald for pointing out the mistake in a previous caption, now corrected.)
John's description: “The little Lister generator we installed in a locker on the deck. This was used at night to power the studio. It saved having to run the big transmitter generator. A lot of the DJs, especially Kenny E, used the studio to produce their own jingles, etc. at night.”

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