Martin Kayne on Radio 355 & Radio Caroline North

At the Caroline DJs fortieth birthday party in March 2004, many old colleagues came together to drink, reminisce and exchange memories. One of the DJs Mark Sloane had a present for Martin Kayne. The two had worked together on Radio 355 as well as on Caroline North. Mark had found this picture he had taken in 1967 of Martin in the Radio 355 studio.

Martin Kayne on Radio 355

Martin has also sent us this photo from his time on Radio 355. It shows (left to right) his colleagues John Aston and Dave Mackay, with Programme Director Tony Windsor and the ship's Captain Colin Lukehurst.

John Aston, Dave MacKay, Tony Windsor on Radio 355

Many thanks to Martin for forwarding these. He has also sent us this picture, taken on board Radio Caroline North. It is of him with the rest of the DJs as they challenged the new law making it illegal to broadcast. Martin says it was “taken by a German journalist just after the MOA (Marine Offences Act) .... I remember trying to resist looking into the camera to protect my rather dubious anonymity, though I do suspect the authorities did know quite a lot about us anyway.”

Martin Kayne with Dee Harrison, Don Allen, Wally Meehan, Mark Sloane and Jim Gordon

The photo shows Martin Kayne on the air, surrounded by (left to right) Dee Harrison, Don Allen, Wally Meehan, Mark Sloane and Jim Gordon.

Photos courtesy of Martin Kayne.

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