Jack Curtiss and Johnny Dark reunited

Jack Curtiss was DJ and General Manager of Britain Radio. Harry Putnam was an airtime salesman who also presented a weekly R&B show under the on-air alias of “Johnny Dark”. They met up in 2009, for the first time since 1967, when Jack was visiting the USA from his home in Australia. Jack had hoped that they could have met on their old radio ship, the Olga Patricia, but it wasn't possible. He writes: “Pirate shipmates Harry Putnam (Johnny Dark) and Jack Curtiss did reunite after a separation of 42 years on the very shores of the bay that the old Olga (now known as the Earl Conrad Jr) still plies her trade today as a fishing vessel. The idea of actually meeting at the ship yielded to logistical considerations and the lukewarmth of the present owners. The meeting took place close to the 43rd anniversary of the launch of Swinging Radio England/Britain Radio. Joining the two for the dockside luncheon near Annapolis were Harry's second wife Cherl and his daughter Michele Trankovich. Together we scanned the waters that sunny Maryland afternoon but caught no glimpse of the one-time twin-tower radio marvel of the North Sea. The crabcakes were delicious however.” Our grateful thanks to Jack for the email and the photos taken by Michele.
(Jack wrote again in late 2011, enclosing another photo of himself with Harry, taken on a trip to The United States in September that year. See below.)

Jack Curtiss and Harry Puttnam

Jack Curtiss and Harry Puttnam

Jack Curtiss and Harry Puttnam

Jack Curtiss, left, and Harry Putnam.

And, from September 2011:

Harry Puttnam and Jack Curtiss

Harry Putnam, left, and Jack in September 2011.
Harry's wife Cherl can be seen in the reflection, taking the photo.
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