Thanks to Steve Nelson for sending this press cutting from 1967 reporting the death of former Swinging Radio England DJ Boom Boom Brannigan, and to Jack Curtiss for the picture of Boomer working for WPXI, shortly before his death.


Swinging Radio England press releases spelled Boom Boom's surname the same way that we have: ‘Brannigan’. This newspaper report refers to him as ‘Branegan’. It is thought that he may have changed the spelling when he returned to the United States to differentiate himself from the original Boom Boom who was still broadcasting on WPTR.
Below, Boom Boom making a public appearance for WPXI with two ‘Pixie Girls’ and another DJ just a few weeks before he died.
Left to right; Marty Shayne, ‘Pixie Girls’ Valeria Cook & Michele Lowe, the Boomer and some young fans. Thanks to Jack Curtiss for forwarding the picture, to Marty Shayne for providing it and to former WROV DJ, Pat Garrett, for enhancing it.

In April 2012, 45 years after the death of Boom Boom Brannigan, a memorial was held in Roanoke at the junction of Franklin Road and Highland Avenue where the accident had occurred. The photo, below, is by Stephanie Klein-Davis of The Roanoke Times. It shows Jack Curtiss with his arms round John Andrews, Pat Garrett and Steve Nelson, with a picture of their late colleague. There are more pictures, courtesy of Jack Curtiss, over the page. With thanks to Jack and Steve for their assistance.

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