Keith Martin at CKFM

Keith Martin's pirate memorabilia

Keith Martin at CKFM

Some recordings from Keith's amazing collection of offshore memorabilia.


click to hear audio Keith Martin on The Sound Of Music programme from Radio Caroline South during the spring of 1965, a studio recording (duration 3 minutes 2 seconds)
click to hear audio Keith was heard regularly on the weekly sponsored Bulova Lifelines programme on Radio Caroline in 1965. This off air recording is from Caroline South. The voice at the beginning belongs to Bryan Vaughan, then Keith introduces the programme and extols the virtues of Bulova watches. The presenter, talking about the life and career of Frank Sinatra, is Ted Francis. The programme is followed by the start of another sponsored show, Down Memory Lane (duration 3 minutes 50 seconds)
click to hear audio A very short clip from a Good Guys' Pop Predictions programme from 1965, presented by Keith's friend and colleague Colin Nicol (duration 31 seconds)
click to hear audio Checking up on the opposition: a very early test transmission from Radio London in December 1964. The label on the tape box suggests that it is from the station's first day on air although this can not be confirmed. The DJ is Pete Brady (duration 2 minutes 57 seconds)
click to hear audio Keith in the guise of ‘Gary Courtney’ presenting Morning Melody on Radio 390, a studio recording. The voice at the end of the clip belongs to Rob Randall (duration 4 minutes 46 seconds)

Our grateful thanks to Keith Martin.
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