That's my request - from 50 years ago!

Chris Levy wrote to The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame:
“I couldn't believe my ears when I listened to your Richard Harris (Radio Atlanta) sound-clip. Right in the middle is a request for me to help celebrate my engagement to a young lady in Hampshire! I still have the letter they sent me confirming the time they were going to play the request. I'm attaching a copy.”

click to hear audio Richard Harris playing Chris's request on the Musical Mailbag show on Radio Atlanta, 27th June 1964 (duration 3 minutes 28 seconds)

Radio Atlanta letter

Chris's letter from Radio Atlanta.

Chris continues: “Never did marry the young lady. Married somebody else instead.”
Chris isn't the only visitor to The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame to have heard his name mentioned on one of our archive clips. Correspondent John Lilley was delighted to hear his name included on this Radio Scotland recording:

click to hear audio Cathy Spence on the last ever 242 Clan programme from Radio Scotland (duration 2 minutes 58 seconds)

Back in the sixties your webmaster had requests played on Radio Caroline South and Radio 355 but was surprised to also hear his name mentioned in this vintage clip from 1973, found while searching through audio to add to the website.

click to hear audio Bob Noakes on Radio Seagull on 23rd September 1973 (duration 4 minutes 41 seconds)

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