The fans' memorabilia

Brian Cullen's collection: Letters from Jerry ‘Soopa’ Leighton

In late 1965 Brian Cullen began corresponding with Radio Caroline North's Jerry Leighton. He says the letters “all centred around a young 'anorak teenager' (me) wanting to start a Radio Caroline Fan Club and Jerry's kindly responses”.
We are very grateful to Brian for sharing the letters with The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.

Jerry Leighton's letter
P.O.Box 3, Ramsey, I.O.M
Nov 4 1965.
Hi, Brian, Beverly, Christine, Elizabeth, Sandra, Phillipa, Judith &, Brian,
Thanks tuns for your K.O. letter. Caroline Fan Club eh? Well I wish you all the luck in the world.
As you probably know, we had a rotten time of it over the weekend. I hope you didn't make the journey in that weather. We started but turned back. We took one of the biggest buffetings ever. We're just about getting back to normal - if you could ever call it normal.
It's 11.10pm and Tom's asleep as he's doing the Early Show tomorrow and rather than wake him I'll send this off and you can write to him personally. OK?
Must go now as my cocoa is ready - (I hate the lousy stuff but it brings suede shoes up well).
G'Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
Tuns of luv
Jerry Super Leighton

Sadly the next two letters have faded too much to scan properly. However we were able to transcribe them:

P.O.Box 3, Ramsey, I.O.M
January 1966.
Hi Brian,
Great to hear from you again. Happy new year to you.
Well to answer your questions about the theme tunes. Here goes:-
Jim's - The Piltdown Men - “Piltdown Rides Again” Capitol CL 15175
Bob's - Alan Haven - “Image” Fontana TF 835
Don's - Fireballs - “Quite A Party” Pye International 7N 25092
Tony's - Ted Heath “Wigwam” Decca F11727
I hope that's what you wanted to know. I'm glad you were able to obtain “Country Line”. I wasn't sure if you could.
As for Ray's theme, well it's a mix-up of several at different speeds with echo and stuff added.
Thanks again for writing,
all the best,
Jerry Soopa Leighton
on 199

Some of the theme tunes listed by Jerry are available from Amazon:
Piltdown Rides Again by The Piltdown Men (Jim Murphy),
Image by Alan Haven (Bob Stewart),
Quite A Party by The Fireballs (Don Allen) and
Country Line Special by Cyril Davies (Jerry's own theme).

P.O.Box 3, Ramsey, I.O.M
Hi Brian,
Thanks very much for the letter and for affording me the privilege of presiding over the R.C.F.C. I'm wearing the badge now (or is it a membership card) anyway it suits me, as I look an even bigger twit than before.
Please let me know the aims of the R.C.F.C.
As you know I am also the Commander in Chief (C in C) pronounced “KINK” of the 3 phase Yawn Patrol, so I'll really have my work cut out.
I'll try to play your request on Monday. Hope you hear it.
Jerry Soopa Leighton

Jerry Leighton's letter  
Hi Brian,
Great as always hearing news of the R.C.F.C. Ta!
Yep! You told me about the play. I wish I could have seen it.
About R.C.F.C. members coming aboard Caroline, I suggest you get in touch with our Liverpool office at 61 Lord Street, Liverpool 2 as they can give permission (if it's possible) to come out.
As far as I know there aren't any photos of inside Caroline except what various press photographers have taken.
So you all went out in that lousy weather to see us when we made the trip eh? I think we ought to take the pledge for you as well as me. Hope you received your Y.P card.
All the best
Your Soopatroller
Jerry Soopa Leighton

As well as these four letters, Brian also received a publicity postcard which he says arrived “totally out of the blue - just to wish us all a Happy Christmas!” Sadly the handwriting on this has faded too badly to scan.

Jerry Leighton's card  
Hi Brian,
Just a line to wish you a very
Jerry Merry Christmas
a Soopa New Year.
Jerry Soopa Leighton

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