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A North Sea boat trip, 1967

In July 2009, Per Alarud contacted The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame from Stockholm, Sweden: “Hi, I have got a copy of a 16mm film that shows visits to Radio London, Radio 355 and Radio Caroline South. All three stations are visited and the (tender) Offshore 1 is used to travel between the stations. In its present uncut version the film is 15 minutes long. Once it has been edited, are you interested in hosting it on your website?”
You can guess our reaction! We immediately responded enthusiastically and asked for a bit more information about the film. Per told us it was shot by Maths Lindgren. He had previously been a technician on Radio Syd, the Swedish offshore station. Originally a silent ‘home movie’, Per has added a soundtrack of recordings from the relevant station. He writes: “All stations and DJs are correct, except John Aston on Radio 355. We simply didn't have a recording of him. The recording from 355 is (of another DJ and was) done by a friend of mine who visited Amsterdam on a school trip in May 1967.”
Our grateful thanks to Per for allowing us to show the film and for the screen-grabs, below, and of course to Maths Lindgren for the original footage.

Part One: Radio 355 and Radio London, featuring John Aston, Ed Stewart and Mike Lennox.

Part Two: Radio Caroline South, featuring Johnnie Walker.


Some stills from the film:

mv Galaxy
The Radio London ship, mv Galaxy.
mv Galaxy
The mv Galaxy.
Ed Stewart
Ed Stewart.
Mike Lennox
Mike Lennox.
Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker.
mv Laissez-Faire
Radio 355's ship, mv Laissez-Faire.
John Aston
John Aston.
John Aston
John Aston.

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