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Mick Dockree's press cuttings

Mick Dockree has kindly contributed some press cuttings to The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. They show the programme schedules of various offshore stations (and, in some cases Radio Luxembourg and the American Forces Network) between 1965 and 1967. Some of them have been discoloured by the use of the Sellotape Mick used to stick them in his scrapbook but they still make fascinating reading and bring back a lot of memories. Our grateful thanks to Mick.

press cutting
Radio Caroline South, November 1965
press cutting
Radio London. Mick has dated this cutting as November 1965 however Pete Brady left Radio London in October (and Kenny Everett was fired on 2nd November) so either this is from an earlier date or it is incorrect. The schedules that appeared in the newspapers often did contain errors.

press cutting
Radio Caroline North, November 1965
press cutting
Early 1966 Sunday schedule. Note the “if operational” comment about Caroline South, which had been temporarily silenced following the grounding of the Mi Amigo. Radio London is now broadcasting to 2am.
press cutting
January 1966 (Saturday schedule)
press cutting
Early 1966 (Sunday schedule)
press cutting
February 1966
press cutting
March 1966 (Sunday schedule)


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