The fans' memorabilia

A day-trip to RNI

Munro Jack went on a day-trip to see the Mebo II, Radio Northsea International's ship, on 6th August 1971, when she was anchored off the Dutch coast. He has very kindly shared his photos with The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. He writes: “These were taken when I went out on the Dolfijn from Scheveningen. The prints have suffered a little in my scrapbook, and my Kodak Instamatic wasn't very good, but at least I have a record of an exciting afternoon. The black and white one was taken as we left the harbour, for purchase on our return. In the first picture I was talking to one of the group about to go out to the Mebo 2 on the Eurotrip tender. He told me he was a newsreader for the Dutch Service. (I'm the one in the light brown jacket with my back to the camera.) The Eurotrip went out before us and can be seen alongside the Mebo 2 (pictures 8 & 9). It then overtook us, as can be seen on pictures 11 & 12 on the return trip.”

On the harbour front in Scheveningen
Munro chats to Dutch newsreader Hans ten Hooge on the harbour front in Scheveningen. (Thanks to Hans Knot for identifying him.)
On board the Dolfjin
On board the Dolfjin.
mv Mebo II mv Mebo II
mv Mebo II mv Mebo II
mv Mebo II mv Mebo II and Eurotrip tender
Mebo II with Eurotrip tender alongside.
Eurotrip tender
Mebo II and Eurotrip.
RNI fans
RNI fans on the Dolfjin.

RNI fans

The souvenir photo of the fans on the Dolfjin, which Munro Jack bought. He says: “I'm in the middle of the front row with the long hair and beard!” Hans Knot points out that “The photo was taken when the Dolfijn left Scheveningen 2nd inner harbour going out to sea. In the back row, right, you see someone standing with a big bunch of flowers in his hands. It is the late Hans Verbaan of the Free Radio Campaign, Holland, the organiser of that and other trips.”

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