The fans' memorabilia

Mike Lewis's offshore radio press cuttings

More 1965 cuttings from the collection of correspondent Mike Lewis.

Dance News cutting
Dance News 9th September 1965, on Tony Blackburn. Could the writer be the same
Allen Ives who signed up for Radio 270 a few months later?

NME cutting
NME cutting
New Musical Express, 10th September 1965.
NME cutting
New Musical Express, 10th September 1965. Eve Of Destruction reached no.3 in the charts, thanks to support from offshore radio. The BBC had chosen not to play it.

Music Echo cutting
Music Echo, 4th September 1965. News of the Radex project appeared periodically in the newspapers but it never made it on air. Nor did this reported EMI station.
Music Echo cutting
Music Echo, 11th September 1965. There is a share in Tom Lodge's Wigan Pier Oil Well here.

Daily Mirror cutting
Daily Mirror, 4th October 1965. More on this story here.
cutting from The Sun  cutting from The Sun
The Sun, 4th and 5th October 1965.

cutting from The People
Men working for Reg Calvert and Roy Bates are battling for possession of Knock John fort
(not “Knott John”), cutting from The People, 10th October 1965.

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