The fans' memorabilia

Jonathan Shirley's photos of the free radio demonstration held on 14th June 1970

Correspondent Jonathan Shirley has sent us some more photos taken by press photographer Peter Ward. These are from the demonstration and rally held in London on 14th June 1970, just before the General Election. At that time Radio Northsea International was being jammed by the British government and had temporarily changed its name to Caroline International. Thousands of people gathered to show their support for free radio and to protest against the jamming. Regular updates were broadcast throughout the afternoon on the station. Caroline founder Ronan O'Rahilly attended with his friend DJ Simon Dee. The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame thanks Jonathan and Peter for allowing us publish these fascinating pictures from a memorable day in offshore radio history.

click to hear audio Mark Wesley playing the campaign song Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr. Wilson? on the day of the rally. He is joined in the studio by his colleagues. This is an edited version of a recording available from Our thanks to Ray Robinson (duration 3 minutes 26 seconds)

demonstrators demonstrators
protest march protest march
the police line
The thin blue line.
Ronan O'Rahilly
Ronan O'Rahilly.
Ronan O'Rahilly and Simon Dee
Ronan O'Rahilly and Simon Dee.
Ronan O'Rahilly and Simon Dee
Ronan and Simon. (It was legal to ride a motorbike without a crash helmet in 1970.)
Two protestors with the famous ‘Chairman Harold’ poster.
Ronan O'Rahilly
Ronan O'Rahilly being interviewed.
demonstrators demonstrators
demonstrators police and protestors

All photographs ©Peter Ward.
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