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Stuart Aiken's recordings of Radio Caroline South

Stuart Aiken

During the sixties, correspondent Stuart Aiken was living in the Lincolnshire Wolds at Spilsby “about 70 miles, I guess, from the Mi Amigo”. As a fan of the offshore stations, Stuart was lucky to own a tape recorder but, like many other school-age enthusiasts, found the cost of recording tape to be prohibitive. He used - and reused - the same reels of tape over and over again which means that, sadly, he doesn't now have a large archive. But he does have a lot of short clips of various shows and he has very kindly edited a number of them together to make an evocative montage of the output of Radio Caroline South as it sounded in 1967.
It includes a number of familiar show openings, theme tunes, jingles, promotions, drop-ins and DJs including Robbie Dale, Dave Lee Travis, Johnnie Walker, Keith Hampshire, Ross Brown, Roger Day and, er, Rodney Fortescue! It should bring back happy memories for a lot of people.
This photo of Stuart shared on Facebook by Ron O'Quinn.

click to hear audio Stuart Aiken's montage of Radio Caroline South clips dating from 1967 (duration 11 minutes 5 seconds)

With many thanks to Stuart.
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