The fans' memorabilia - Keith Penfold

A boat trip to Radio Caroline South

Keith Penfold has been in touch: “In August 1964 I was 12 years old and on the annual family holiday at Walton-on-Naze. On a blisteringly hot and hazy day we took a boat trip out to the Mi Amigo with sweets and chocolate for those on board. The sea was as smooth as glass. The boat we went on was called the Joanne and was manned by the guy who normally ran pleasure trips on the Bumblebee from the Mabel Greville groyne. Like the weather then, my memory is a little hazy but I have found some photos of the day. The only info I have is what I found written on the back of the photos. I believe the first photo is of Errol Bruce (webmaster's note: Errol told us that it is actually Mike Allen) and the second is of Bobby Brown. The third pic is of the Mi Amigo as we got near. As I recall it was illegal to board or provision the boat but on the original photo you can see that Bobby Brown is holding a Picnic bar that was among the treats we tossed on board. Later in the day, we sat on the beach listening to our prized transistor radio, listening to the DJs playing our requests and thanking us.”

Mike Allen

Mike Allen.

Bob Brown

Bob Brown.

mv Mi Amigo

The mv Mi Amigo.

Thanks very much to Keith for sharing his photos.
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