The fans' memorabilia

Roy Howe's offshore memorabilia continued

When Helen Heath was clearing out the home of her late father, Roy Howe, she came across some photographs relating to offshore radio. She very kindly sent them to The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. They were in two sets.
The first - the Radio Northsea International set - was issued by the Free Radio Association in 1970 and can be found here.
The other set mainly consisted of photos of the two Radio Caroline ships in Zaandam harbour, where they lay rusting after being towed in by the Wijsmuller company in 1968. We think these were published by the Free Radio Association too. There is also one photo of Radio London's former ship, mv Galaxy, in harbour in Hamburg, Germany, and a couple of the mv Olga Patricia (also known as the Laissez-Faire) which was the home of Britain Radio, Radio England, Radio Dolfijn, Radio 227 and Radio 355.
A few of the photos have not aged well. In a couple of cases we have had to magnify and crop them to disguise the effects of water damage. With grateful thanks to Helen.

mv Fredericia
Caroline North's mv Fredericia.
mv Fredericia
mv Fredericia.
mv Mi Amigo
Caroline South's mv Mi Amigo.
mv Mi Amigo
mv Mi Amigo.
mv Mi Amigo
mv Mi Amigo.
Radio Caroline
Can anyone identify this man in front of the mv Olga Patricia?
mv Mi Amigo
Slightly damaged photo of mv Mi Amigo.
mv Mi Amigo
Slightly marked photo of mv Olga Patricia.
two caroline ships
Slightly cropped photo of both Caroline ships.
mv Galaxy
Slightly cropped photo of Radio London's mv Galaxy.

With thanks to Ian Anderson for pointing out an error, now corrected.
For more photos of the two Caroline ships in Zaandam, see Rob Olthof's, Paul May's and Fred Kooreman's albums. More photos of the Galaxy in Hamburg are here.
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