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Radio 390 / Reveille magazine competition

Steve Ostler got in touch with The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. He wrote: “I have just unearthed the attached recording from an old tape found in the loft, in very poor condition and covered in grit. I am sending it to you in case it might be useful for your site.”
The audio was an off-air recording of Radio 390 promoting a competition the station was running in conjunction with Reveille magazine.
click to hear audio Part of Radio 390's promotion of a competition in Reveille, July 1966 (duration 1 minute 16 seconds)
By a strange coincidence Steve's audio arrived shortly after the Dutch radio historian Hans Knot had posted this page from Reveille about the same competition on Facebook:

cutting from Reveille magazine

Back in 1966 the Radio 390 announcers were not familiar faces so matching the names to the photos would have been quite difficult. Now, with the help of this website, it should be fairly easy to work out that:

A is Peter James
B is Mike Raven
C is Mandy Raven
D is Mark Hammerton
E is Stephen West
F is Edward Cole
G is Paul Beresford
H is John Ross-Barnard and
I is Brian Cullingford.

Radio 390's broadcasts on VHF (FM) and the extension of programmes to the north-west of England, as mentioned in the note from station boss Ted Allbeury at the bottom right of the page, never happened. The plans were abandoned when Estuary Radio Ltd., the company that owned 390, was prosecuted for transmitting within British territorial waters.

With many thanks to Steve and Hans.
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