Offshore 50


John Edward
He was Johnny Flux on Radio City, John Edward on Radio London.
John Aston and Martin Kayne
Radio Essex and Radio 355 colleagues John Aston (left) with Martin Kayne.
Martin Stevens, Tony Prince, Graham Webb, Tony Blackburn
Offshore radio photographer Martin Stevens shows some of his photos to Tony Prince, Graham Webb and Tony Blackburn. This pic courtesy of Martin van der Ven.
Graham Webb, Pete Brady, Dave Lee Travis, Tony Blaackburn
Another of Martin van der Ven's photos. Left to right: Graham Webb, Pete Brady, Dave Lee Travis and Tony Blackburn.

Rick Randall
Swinging Radio England's Rick Randall. Photo courtesy of Martin van der Ven.
Woolf Byrne
Woolf Byrne. Another of Martin's photos.
Carole Miller and Pete Bowman
Radio 270 administrator Carole Miller and DJ Pete Bowman. Photo shared on Facebook by Noel Miller.

Guy Hamilton and Jeff Jones
Two Radio 270 men reunited: Jeff Jones, left, and Guy Hamilton as Mary Payne looks on.
Steve Young and Mark Sloane
Steve Young (left) with Mark Sloane.
Graham Webb and Jerry Leighton
Graham Webb and Jerry Leighton. Photo courtesy of Martin van der Ven.
Guy Hamilton and Ian Damon
Guy Hamilton and Ian Damon.
Michael of Sealand, John Kerr
Michael Bates, a.k.a Michael of Sealand, with friend, and Radio Scotland's John Kerr, right. Photo courtesy of Martin van der Ven.
Roger Day and Rick Randall
Roger Day, left, and Rick Randall. Photo kindly provided by Martin van der Ven.

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