Offshore 50


Mitch Philistin and Norman St.John
Radio London colleagues, ship's steward Mitch Philistin, left, and DJ Norman St.John. Photo courtesy of Mike Barraclough.
Graham Webb and Dave Lee Travis
Dave Lee Travis (left) with Graham Webb.
Colin Berry and Patrick Starling
Caroline's Colin Berry and studio engineer Patrick Starling. This photo courtesy of Martin van der Ven.
Graham Webb and Gordy Cruse
Gordy Cruse and Graham Webb. This photo from Martin van der Ven too.
Woolf Byrne and Mike Procter
Two former Radio City men, Woolf Byrne, left, and Mike Procter.
Noel Miller and Pete Bowman
Radio 270's Noel Miller (left) and Pete Bowman.
Bryan Vaughan and Keith Hampshire
Bryan Vaughan, left, and Keith Hampshire. Photo courtesy of Martin van der Ven.
Tony Blackburn, Mitch Philistin and Mark West
Tony Blackburn chatting to ship-mate Mitch Philistin as Mark West looks on. Photo courtesy of Martin van der Ven.
John Ross-Barnard and Rick Randall
Rick Randall, left and John Ross-Barnard. Thanks to John who posted the photo on Facebook.
Mark Sloane, Dave Lee Travis and Bryan Vaughan
Left to right: Mark Sloane, Dave Lee Travis and Bryan Vaughan.
Gord Cruse and Norman St.John
Gordy Cruse, left and Norman St.John.
Penny Bowskill and George Hare
Penny Bowskill, wife of the late Jason Wolfe and Caroline North liaison man George Hare. Photo by Martin van der Ven.

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