The Radio Essex reunion boat trip, continued

Unless otherwise credited, all the photos on this page are courtesy of Guy Hamilton.

David Sinclair
David Sinclair. He says: “I was saddened by the condition of the forts. The catwalks have gone from City and Essex looked very forlorn without the landing stage. I saw that the painted signs ‘Radio City’ and ‘Radio Essex 222’ were still quite visible. Must have been good quality paint in 1965!” Maybe it was supplied by that loyal offshore advertiser, Silexine.
Mark West
Mark West.
Mark West, Mike Brereton and Dick Dixon
Mark West, Mike Brereton and Dick Dixon.
Mark West and Mike Brereton
Mark West and Mike Brereton.
Knock John
First sight of the old home, Knock John Fort. Photo by Mike Brereton.
Knock John
David Sinclair: “I have no doubt that had a rope still been dangling from the Essex fort, that each one of us old lags would have climbed up it, just to show that we could. Mercifully, there was no rope!”
Knock John Knock John
Knock John, formerly the base for Radio Essex and BBMS, Britain's Better Music Station. Photos by Chris Stewart.
Knock John Knock John
Knock John Fort. Photos by Mike Brereton.
The painted words “Radio Essex 222” can still just about be seen in the photo on the left.
Knock John
Michael Cane: “It was an emotional moment as we gently circled around Knock John in the somewhat rarely calm waters. It did not seem 40 years ago, but most of us did marvel at the fact that we lived in this very isolated place in the middle of the Thames estuary and actually managed to run a radio station on such a small platform.”
Guy Hamilton
Guy Hamilton. Photo by Dick Dixon.
David Sinclair: “Meeting up with the others was a real treat. It may be 40 years on, but I don't think any of us felt much different. We could have all gone on air right away! As we left the Knock John fort, Guy popped a bottle of champers and we all blithely agreed to do it again in 40 years!”

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