The Radio Essex reunion boat trip, continued

All the photos on this page are courtesy of Chris Stewart.

Knock John Knock John
Knock John Knock John
Knock John Knock John
Knock John Knock John
Knock John
Farewell to Knock John.
back on dry land
Back on dry land. Anyone for a pint?
Chris Stewart writes: “It was a wonderful day out, the weather was just right and the sea calm. A shame that we could not achieve a hundered percent turnout, the untraceable crew (from my time on Essex) being Vince Allen, Graham Johns, Mike Curtiss, (engineer) Keith Robinson and of course Dick Palmer, our fort captain, who was off sick. Having now looked at all the photographs from the trip, I would say that WE, the crew, are in considerably better condition than the Maunsel Forts, however this may not be the case in the next 40 years. Once again many thanks to Guy for organising the trip and a very special thanks to Roy and Joan Bates for creating Radio Essex.”

A number of the Radio Essex broadcasters used different names later in their careers when they joined other, larger, stations. They are probably better known by these later names but, over these four pages, they have been referred to by the identities they used during their time on Radio Essex.
Many thanks to all the photographers for allowing us to publish this record of a truly memorable occasion.
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See also pictures from Radio London's, Radio Caroline's and Radio England/Britain Radio's fortieth anniversary celebrations.

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