Radio Day 2007 in Amsterdam

The twenty-nineth annual Radio Day took place in Amsterdam on 10th November 2007. There are some excellent photos on the Offshore Radio Nostalgia website's Flickr page. Here are a few informal snaps taken at the event and in a restaurant afterwards.
The day consisted of panels of experts discussing various aspects of offshore radio, the presentation of the first ever Radi Awards and a lot of socialising.
The pictures on this page cover some of the panels.

left half of the Radio England panel
Some of the Radio England panel, left to right: Graham Gill, engineer Patrick Starling, Johnnie Walker and Roger Day.
right half of the Radio England panel
More of the Radio England panel, left to right: Ron O'Quinn, moderator Svenn Martinsen, John Ross-Barnard and Phil Martin.
more colleagues
The group is joined by Dutch Radio 227 DJ Paul Harald van Gelder, better known as “Harkie”, and Radio 355's Mark Sloane. On the right is joint moderator Stuart Aiken.
Chris and Mary Payne, Ian Damon
Chris and Mary Payne of the Radio London website reported on their recent trip to Texas and the donation of the ship's bell from the mv Galaxy to a museum. (Details on their site.) On the right of the photo, Radio London DJ Ian Damon.
Steve England and Jelle Boonstra
Steve England, left, was interviewed about his time on Radios Caroline and Atlantis by Jelle Boonstra.
Caroline panel
The final session of the day discussed Radio Caroline's last few months on the air during the sixties incarnation of the station - after the passing of the Marine Offences Act. Left to right: Johnnie Walker, Mark Sloane, Bud Ballou, Roger Day and Spangles Muldoon.
Caroline panel
Also on the panel: Robbie Dale and Roger Scott. Moderator Ray Clark can just be seen on the far right.
Caroline panel
Robbie gets animated.

Pictures of the awards ceremony are here.
Pictures from the 2005 event can be found here.
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Pictures from the 2014 event can be found here.

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