The plans of the Radio Atlanta / Caroline South ship

Model-maker John S. Platt has very kindly provided these plans of the motor vessel Mi Amigo, home to a number of offshore radio stations, starting with Radio Nord off the coast of Sweden then Radio Atlanta and Radio Caroline South in the sixties, Radio Caroline, Radio Seagull, Radio 199, Radio Atlantis and Radio Mi Amigo in the seventies. John says: “When entering a model for an international competition, you not only have to build the replica but also supply the full history of the ship. Whilst researching I managed to find details of who had her built, what she was used for and details of the crews. She used to transport fruit around the Baltic and also travelled to Newcastle on several occasions.”
Before being named the Mi Amigo, the ship had been known as the Magda Maria, the Bon Jour, the Olga and the Margarethe.
You can see photos of John's wonderful model of the Mi Amigo on the Radio London website.

Click on the pictures below to see four times larger images. Please note, these are big files and, depending on your internet connection, may take some time to load.


Mi Amigo
Mi Amigo

With many thanks to John.
For the lay-out of other offshore vessels, see the plans index.
For a detailed history of the ship, see Offshore Radio Nostalgia.

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