Radio Scotland memorabilia

Clan 242 welcome letter
A Clan 242 welcome letter from the Clan Secretary Cathy Spence. Click to magnify. Donated by Kenny Tosh.
Radio Scotland programme schedule
Radio Scotland's programme schedule, as listed in issue number 3 of the station magazine 242 Showbeat, dated June 1966. Click to magnify.
request form
Request form from 242 Showbeat magazine. Click to magnify.
Mel Howard

Photo of Mel Howard, from Radio News.

The Carrick Folk Four pay tribute to Radio Scotland. Click on the disc, above, to hear a short extract of the song.

The record sleeve. Disc kindly donated by Kenny Tosh.
letter about Radio Scotland
Click on the image, above, to see a three page letter from August 1966 describing Radio Scotland, generously donated by Hans Knot.

Radio Scotland DJs and crew
DJs and crew in 1967. Photo published by the Free Radio Association and provided by George Morris. Left to right: Tim Yale, Drew Hamlyn, chief engineer John Lumsden, Bob Spencer, ship's cook Pat Taylor .... and a couple of unknown crew-members. Thanks to Ben and Raoul for their help in naming most of the group. Can anyone identify the last two?

press advert for Radio Scotland
An advertisement from the trade press for Radio Scotland. Click to magnify. Donated by Hans Knot.
letter from Dougie Carmichael
Letter from Promotions Manager, Doug Carmichael. The Comet seems to have shrunk since the letter on the left was written! Click to enlarge letter. Donated by Hans Knot.

Radio Scotland promotional card
Radio Scotland photo card.

Many thanks to Ian Biggar, David Burke, Richard Crichton, Ben Healy, Hans Knot, Jack McLaughlin, George Morris and Kenny Tosh.
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