John Aston's Collection

John Aston worked on a number of offshore stations under different names. These documents date from the time he spent as a newsreader on board Radio Caroline North in 1966.

These are the instructions issued by Caroline's News Director Graham Webb about how the bulletins should be presented on air. (Click on the fragment below to see the full version.)

This a copy of the Caroline Countdown of Sound for Saturday 24th September 1966. Although being employed as a newsreader, John was called on to present some music programmes because of rough weather and he kept this countdown as a souvenir. We would like to include more offshore charts on the Hall of Fame. If anyone has some to share, please get in touch. (Click on the Top 10 below to see the full chart.)

There is another Caroline Countdown of Sound from John's collection here.
In 1966 Radio Caroline instigated a system under which record companies, managers or other interested parties could pay to have records played on the station. The following is the “special list” for Caroline North for week beginning 24th September 1966. Presumably these are the paid plays for that week. (Click on the fragment below to see the full document.)

Many thanks to John Aston for sharing these unique souvenirs.

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