Mitch Philistin's Radio London photo album - part two

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Keith Skues and Ed Stewart
Two shots of Keith Skues, left, in the studio with Ed Stewart.
Keith Skues and Ed Stewart
Philip Birch and guests
Some guest on board. The tall man on the right of the group is Managing Director Philip Birch. Third from the left is his PA, Margaret.
Ed Stewart and Margaret
A bearded Ed Stewart helps Margaret onto the tender.
Philip Birch
Philip Birch getting onto the tender.
Galaxy crew members
Members of the Galaxy crew.
Captain Buninga
Captain Buninga at a meal time.
a visitor recovers
A visitor to the ship, suffering from sea-sickness, has a lie down.
Ed Stewart and relief captain
The relief captain, Willem Angenent, gets to see Ed “Stewpot” Stewart's stomach at close quarters!
Captain and crew
Captain Angenent and some members of the Galaxy crew.
Mitch and a girl from the Curzon Street office
Mitch and an unidentified girl from the Curzon Street office. Can anyone name her?
the Radio London tender
The Radio London tender.

The Galaxy
The Galaxy.

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There is another one of Mitch's photos, taken at a Radio London reunion in August 1988, here.
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