Nutty Norah's Don Allen photo album - part one

Norah Swallow, as she was then, Norah Barnes as she is now, ran Don Allen's fan club. Don had a lot of fans and “Nutty Norah” was kept busy looking after them. These photos of Don are from her private collection. The pictures on board Radio Caroline North were taken by crew members with Don's camera, the Isle of Man photo was taken by Don's Caroline colleague Bob Stewart and the photos in her home were taken by Norah's late husband. We are extremely grateful to her for sharing them. Any captions in inverted commas are Don's own comments, as written on the back of the original photos. Please note that Norah owns the copyright. These pictures must not be reproduced without her permission.

Don Allen on the tender

27th November 1965: Don homeward bound on the tender after his first two week stint on Radio Caroline North

Don Allen next to Radio Caroline's mast

April 1966: Standing near the base of the aerial mast on Radio Caroline North

Don Allen in the studio

Don Allen in the studio

Two shots of Don in the studio in April 1966. It is early morning. He is sitting in for Jerry Leighton on the Leighton Early Show. Don describes himself in the left hand photo as “Don Sourface Allen”.

Don on board Caroline North

A bleary Don, having got up at 5.30am for the Leighton Early Show.

Mick Luvzit's granny!

Don on holiday on the Isle of Man disguised as “Mick Luvzit's granny!”

Don and Nutty Norah

Don, Norah and Gary

Don and Norah with, right, Gary.

All photos ©Norah Barnes.
Not to be reproduced without permission.
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