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Archive photos of the mv Fredericia

Radio Caroline's first ship, mv Fredericia, was previously a Baltic ferry, operated by DFDS. She was built in 1929/30 in Frederikshavn in northern Denmark.
As can be seen from the cutting below, the ferry originally operated on a route taking in the town of Fredericia as well as Middelfart, Kolding and the Danish capital, Copenhagen.
Correspondent Brian Thompson sent The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame these photographs and cuttings about the ship, which he obtained from Bangsbo Museum. The museum contains an archive covering the history of Danish ship-building, especially in Frederikshavn.
Erik Christensen, the Archive Manager of Bangsbo Museum, has kindly given us permission to reproduce them here. Our grateful thanks to both Erik and Brian.

mv Frederica
lounge on mv Frederica
lounge on mv Frederica

cabin on mv Frederica
Danish press cutting
“Diesel-engined boat ‘Fredericia’ in Copenhagen.”
Danish press cutting
“DFDS new motorship on the Fredericia-Middelfart-Kolding route.”

All images courtesy of Bangsbo Museum. Not to be reproduced without permission.

There is more about the Fredericia on the Offshore Radio Nostalgia website and
The History of Shipyards in Frederikshavn (a Danish site with some pages available in English).
For pictures of the ship when she was being used by Radio Caroline, see Don Allen's, Nick Bailey's, Mick Luvzit's, Carl Thomson's, Alan Turner's, Jason Wolfe's and Mike Wright's photo albums.
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