The fans' memorabilia

Alec Fry's photos of Radio London and Caroline South, continued

More high-quality photos on this page as Simon Dee and Chris Moore from Caroline are welcomed aboard the rival's ship for the first time. The tender then continues to the mv Mi Amigo where we see Peter James in action on Radio Caroline South.
As before, these photos have never previously been published and should not be used elsewhere without Alec Fry's permission.

Ben Toney, Chris Moore and Simon Dee
Left to right: Radio London Programme Director Ben Toney on the mv Galaxy with Caroline's Simon Dee and Chris Moore.
Ben Toney, Chris Moore and Simon Dee
Ben Toney, Chris Moore and Simon Dee admiring the aerial mast.
Russell Tollerfield and crew-member
Engineer Russell Tollerfield, right, chatting to a crew-member outside the transmitter room.
mv Mi Amigo
Approaching the Mi Amigo.
tender alongside Mi Amigo
The tender alongside mv Mi Amigo.
Peter James on air
Peter James cueing up a record in the Radio Caroline studio.
Peter James
Peter James.
mv Mi Amigo
Leaving the Mi Amigo.

Many thanks to Alec Fry for allowing us to publish these wonderful photos.
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