The 2008 Radio Essex reunion

The DJs and engineers who worked on Radio Essex have probably kept in touch more than those of any other offshore station. They have regular get-togethers (see here and here for pictures of a couple of previous reunions). On 1st November 2008 they came together again, this time at The Dog & Duck, Plucks Gutter, in Kent. Back in the sixties Sue Cash, then a young radio fan, was a regular correspondent to the DJs on board Knock John. At that time her mother was running the pub. Now Sue is the landlady and was delighted to welcome the Essex team, their partners, a couple of other radio friends and The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame for lunch. The pub had held a Halloween party in the same room the previous night, which explains the bats, spiders and other spooky paraphenalia still in evidence. Many thanks to Roma and Gerry Zierler for some of these photos.

Guy Hamilton, Sue Fagg, Mike Brereton, Chris Stewart, Michael cane
Left to right: Guy Hamilton, landlady Sue Fagg (née Cash), Radio Essex engineer Mike Brereton, Chris Stewart and Michael Cane.
Michael Cane, Richard Palmer, Roger Scott
Left to right: Michael Cane, Richard Palmer, Roger Scott and his partner, Lorraine.
Dick Dixon and Roger Scott
Dick Dixon, left, and Roger Scott.
Dave Rogers and Keith Martin
On the right, two non-Radio Essex broadcasters, Atlantis and RNI's Dave Rogers, left, and Radio 390 and Caroline's Keith Martin.
Chris Stewart, Mark West, Dick Dixon
Left to right: Chris Stewart, Mark West, Dick Dixon.
Guy Hamilton, Chris Stewart
Guy Hamilton, left facing camera, Chris Stewart, far right, with Michael Cane's partner, Rose, between them.
Roger Scott
Roger Scott and Lorraine. Mark West standing in the background
Mark West, Sue Fagg, Guy Hamilton
Mark West chatting to Sue Fagg and Guy Hamilton.

A number of the Radio Essex broadcasters used different names later in their careers when they joined other, larger, stations. They are probably better known by these later names but, as in our previous coverage of the station, they are referred to here by the names they used during their time with Essex.

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