Radio City's 50th anniversary reunion

12th September 2014

Sometime during September 1964 (the precise date is uncertain) Radio City replaced Radio Sutch on Shivering Sands fort. Fifty years later some alumni of “the tower of power” gathered at The Duke of Cumberland pub in Whitstable to share photos and swap memories. Our thanks to organiser Dick Dixon for inviting The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame and to Jerry Pitcher for some of the photos below.

Radio City reunion line-up

Left to right: Woolf Byrne, Jerry Pitcher, Chris Cross, Dick Dixon, Tony Pine, Martin Green, Roger Scott, Martin Stevens, Ricky Michaels (front) and Mike Procter (behind).

Who's who: Woolf Byrne was a DJ on Radio City during 1966; Jerry Pitcher was employed briefly by the station to help renovate Knock John fort. Unfortunately Roy Bates had a different plan for the fort and, after a dispute over ownership (see press cutting), launched Radio Essex there instead; Chris Cross was one of the main presenters in the early days of Radio City; Dick Dixon was an engineer and DJ on both Radios Sutch and City, later joining Radio Essex; Tony Pine was a long-serving electrical and general engineer, fighting a never-ending battle to keep Radio City's rather basic equipment functioning; Martin Green was a Dutch DJ on the station; Roger Scott didn't actually work for Radio City but as a friend and former colleague of Dick Dixon's on Radio Essex who lives locally, he was invited to join the party; Martin Stevens is better-known as one of the great offshore radio photographers of the era but he also presented shows during two stints on Shivering Sands; Ricky Michaels was an American student in London in 1965 who spent time on the fort as a DJ but also turned his hand to airtime sales and press relations; and Mike Procter was one of the many “trial DJs” who served on Radio City. In his case, during February 1965. Not pictured: DJ/engineer Paul Elvey who joined the party by Skype from Spain.

Dick Dixon, Woolf Byrne
Left to right: Dick Dixon and Woolf Byrne.
Chris Cross, Woolf Byrne, Roger Scott
Chris Cross, Woolf Byrne and Roger Scott, with the back of Dick's head.
Chris Cross, Roger Scott
Left to right: Chris Cross and Roger Scott.
Mike Procter, Tony Pine
Left to right: Mike Procter and Tony Pine.
Mike Procter, Tony Pine
Mike Procter and Tony Pine. Photo courtesy of Jerry Pitcher.
Radio City reunion
Standing in the centre, Chris Cross and Tony Pine. Left: Chris's wife. Right: Tony's friend and Martin Green.
Chris Cross, Dick Dixon, Woolf Byrne
Left to right: Chris Cross, Dick Dixon and Woolf Byrne.
Chris Cross and wife, Dick Dixon
Chris Cross and his wife look at a photograph with Dick Dixon, right.
Chris Cross, Martin Green, Ricky Michaels, Martin Stevens
Left to right: Chris Cross, Martin Green, Ricky Michaels and Martin Stevens study some old photographs and memorabilia.
Martin Stevens, Ricky Michaels
Martin Stevens, with Ricky Michaels behind him.
Radio City reunion
Standing: Woolf Byrne, Chris Cross, Roger Scott (partially obscured) and Dick Dixon. Sitting in the foreground: Mike Procter and Tony Pine. Photo courtesy of Jerry Pitcher.
Radio City reunion
Martin Green and Martin Stevens with Tony's friend, looking at memorabilia. Photo courtesy of Jerry Pitcher.
Chris Cross, Ricky Michaels, Mike Procter
Left to right: Chris Cross, Ricky Michaels and Mike Procter.
Jerry Pitcher, Woolf Byrne
Jerry Pitcher, left, and Woolf Byrne.

Martin Green, Jerry Pitcher
Martin Green, centre, and Jerry Pitcher, right.

See the Radio Sutch and Radio City Story.
See also Radio Caroline's (here and here), Radio London's and Radio Essex's fiftieth birthday events.

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