The Radio Essex 50th anniversary reunion

Radio Essex began test transmissions in October 1965 and regular programmes started the following month so either October or November 2015 could be seen as the fiftieth anniversary. In fact some of the station's staff chose to meet up on an earlier date to celebrate the birthday because one of their number, David Sinclair, was visiting from his home in Canada. They gathered in Whitstable on 18th July 2015 and The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame was honoured to be invited too.

Dick Dixon, Roger Scott, Mike Brereton
Right to left: Engineer Dick Dixon, Roger Scott and his partner Lorraine, engineer Mike Brereton.
David Sinclair, Mark West, Michael Cane
Left to right: David Sinclair, Mark West and Michael Cane.
Guy Hamilton
Guy Hamilton discovers there is a street named after him in Whitstable!
Mark West, Dick Dixon, Michael Cane
Left to right: Mark West, Dick Dixon, Michael Cane.
Keith Martin, Roger Scott
Left to right: former Caroline DJ Keith Martin and Roger Scott.
David Sinclair and Mark Wesley
Left to right: David Sinclair and Mark West. Photo courtesy of Michael Cane.
Michael Cane
Michael Cane. Photo courtesy of Guy Hamilton.
Mark West
Mark West. Photo courtesy of Guy Hamilton.
Mary Payne
Mary Payne of the Radio London website appears at the restaurant window with an appropriate flag.

The lunch group with Mary Payne at the window. Photo courtesy of Guy Hamilton.
Mike Brereton, David Sinclair, Guy Hamilton
Left to right: Mike Brereton, David Sinclair, Guy Hamilton, Rose, Michael Cane's partner and Roma, Guy's wife.
Michael Cane, Mark West, Roger Scott, Dick Dixon, Chris Stewart
Left to right: Michael Cane, Mark West, Roger Scott, Dick Dixon, Chris Stewart and Christine, Chris's wife.
Dick Dixon, Chris Stewart, Keith Martin
Left to right: Dick Dixon, Chris Stewart, Keith Martin.
Mark West and David Sinclair
Mark West and David Sinclair.

DJ line-up
Left to right: Keith Martin, Roma, Michael Cane, Mike Brereton, Lorraine, Guy Hamilton, Roger Scott, David Sinclair and Chris Stewart. Unfortunately Mark West had gone missing when the photo was taken.
autographed photo of Knock John
A photo of Knock John fort, as it was at the time of launch, autographed by the reunion attendees. Thanks to Guy Hamilton for the scan.

A number of the Radio Essex broadcasters used different names later in their careers when they joined other, larger, stations. They are probably better known by these later names but, as in our previous coverage of this station, they are referred to here by the names they used during their time with Essex.
For more photos of the Radio Essex reunion, see
See also Radio Caroline's (here and here), Radio City's and Radio London's fiftieth birthday events.

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