Radio London's 50th anniversary celebrations

Radio London's fiftieth birthday was on 23rd December 2014. To celebrate, Chris and Mary Payne of the Radio London website organised a gathering on The Tattershall Castle, a floating pub on a ship moored by the Embankment in central London.
Sadly a number of the Big L stars are no longer with us or are in poor health; others live abroad; and, just two days before Christmas, some had other commitments; but it was very good to meet up with some legendary names from offshore radio's most successful station.
Many thanks to Chris and Mary for organising the event and for inviting The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.

Duncan Johnson, Mitch Philistin, Keith Skues, Ed Stewart, Pete Brady, Dave Hawkins, Ian Damon

The ship mates, left to right: Duncan Johnson, ship's steward Mitch Philistin, Keith Skues, Ed Stewart, Pete Brady,
engineer David Hawkins and Ian Damon.

Keith Skues and Pete Brady
Keith Skues, who joined Radio London in May 1966, and Pete Brady, the Breakfast Show presenter on day one.
Ian Damon
Ian Damon, the penultimate DJ to join Big L, he boarded the Galaxy in June 1967.
Duncan Johnson and Dave Hawkins
Duncan Johnson, who joined Radio London in February 1965, and engineer Dave Hawkins.
Mitch Philistin
Ship's steward Mitch Philistin was a favourite with the DJs and listeners.
Pete Brady and Ian Damon
Pete Brady and Ian Damon.
Ian Damon, Ed Stewart, Dave Hawkins, Chris Payne, Mitch Philistin, Duncan Johnson
Ian Damon, Ed Stewart, Dave Hawkins, Chris Payne, Mitch Philistin and his wife, Duncan Johnson.
Chris Payne, Pete Brady
Chris Payne reading a message from Radio London's first Programme Director, Ben Toney, as Pete Brady looks on.
Pete Brady and Mitch
Pete Brady cuts the birthday cake with Mitch.

More photos of the event are available on the Radio London website.
Flash back ten years to see pictures from Radio London's fortieth anniversary celebrations here.
See also Radio Caroline's (here and here), Radio City's and Radio Essex's fiftieth birthday events.

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